No Rest For The Wicked

No Rest For The Wicked is a game of swashbuckling rogues and pioneers seeking adventure, fame and fortune at the edge of Imperial space.

The game and setting is based on the Rogue Trader game published by Fantasy Flight Games and the universe of Warhammer 40,000 (Games Workshop).

Being a game about rogue traders on the edge of known space, it's a game of exploration, trade, combat, politics, intrigue and ultimately: fame and fortune. Take up with a crew and explore unknown space. Watch out for dragons and exploit the untold bounties that undoubtedly await you - if you get there first.

Fight and/or bargain with the force of Chaos, mighty Ork hordes, ravenous Tyranid swarms, deadly Eldar raiders and more while you try and get as much as you can for yourself and your dynasty.

Conflict Resolution

These members of the team are part of Conflict Resolution LARP Ltd, the company behind No Rest for the Wicked. When it comes down to it, they're responsible for the running of the company and making sure the books balance.


Name:   Rob
Role:   Director
Favoured Army:   Tau
Rob Collins is the original driving force behind the team - it's also all his fault (indirectly). He acts as a company director.


Name:   Richard
Role:   Director
Favoured Army:   Dark Eldar
Quote:   Please excuse the gibber.
Richard Partridge-Hicks is the lead storyteller for No Rest for the Wicked and has joined us as a company director so he can continue to inflict his madness on us all. An experienced writer, he's contributing both his skills as a writer and his fanaticism about 40k to the game.


Name:   Yoda
Role:   Secretary/Technical Director
Favoured Army:   Chaos
Quote:   Sanity is for the weak!
Yoda (David Odie) is the web guy technical monkey and rounds off the trio of Conflict Resolution staff. He's also the resident field-LARP expert, the resident weapon-smith, the resident NERF-modder, and the guy who organises all our venues and ticket sales.

No Rest for the Wicked

These guys get to avoid all the financial responsibility and help make No Rest for the Wicked the best game possible. Without them, we'd be scuppered.


Name:   Jamie
Role:   Storyteller
Quote:   Get in the sea.
Jamie Smith is an experienced storyteller who has joined us in making No Rest for the Wicked bigger and better than ever before (as well as taking up some of the workload for us).

Name:   Matt
Role:   Storyteller
Matt McCaul brings boundless enthusiasm to the team, giving us an invaluable left-field approach to almost any problem.

Name:   Alex
Role:   Storyteller
Alex Nelson is one of our most northern players and brings us an encyclopaedic knowledge of the setting and a general willingness to make our rules work better within the setting.

Name:   Phill
Role:   Rules Guru
Phill Burnham has taken on the role of making sure our rules are balanced and make sense - no easy task. You'll most commonly see him at events with his guns out, even when it's pelting it down.


Former Volunteers

These guys have helped us out enormously in the past but have moved onto other projects or just can't dedicate as much time to No Rest for the Wicked as they once did.


Name:   Andy
Role:   Former Secretary
Favoured Army:   Orlock
Quote:   Would you like some tea?
Andrew MacAdam-Subedi is one of the founding members of Conflict Resolution. His day job means he doesn't get to spend as much time on No Rest for the Wicked as he'd like, but he makes time wherever he can.

Gordon MacDonald

Name:   Gordon
Role:   Former Rules Guru
Gordon MacDonald brings a lot of experience to the storytelling team. A veteran storyteller for many years, he's bringing a fresh perspective to the game, and helping us balance our systems. He's always there to ask the questions we'd never thought of before.

Nick Brigg

Name:   Nick
Role:   Combat Ref
Favoured Army:   Space Wolves
Nick Brigg swears he's a player, but he spends most of his time in a yellow vest helping the crew beat up the other players...

James Thompson

Name:   James
Role:   Monster Ref
Quote:   Maniacal laugh. Maniacial laugh.
James Thompson is an experienced ref from Lorien Trust who's decided to help us run No Rest for the Wicked as well. Utter madman, but he's invaluable in the monster room.