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Postby Yoda » Sun Apr 17, 2016 2:44 am

Further clarifications, this time on equipment.

Imperial and Imperial-Advanced tech can be bought without an endeavour.
Archeotech equipment can only be found through Obtain endeavours or during uptime.

Permanent equipment can be used in downtime.
X/day and X/combat equipment cannot be used in downtime.

Plasma pistols should be phys-repped by a bulky Nerf pistol not a bulky Nerf rifle.
Vice versa for plasma guns.

Basic Bionics look oversized and clunky and don't always function ideally.
Advanced Bionics look obviously artificial but generally function well.
Mastercrafted Bionics can almost replicate what they replace - there must be signs of artifice but it can be subtle.
- Yoda.
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