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Postby Designer Bloodstain » Wed Sep 27, 2017 8:01 pm

[Books - A memory - 40 years earlier]

“Interrogator Tollman.”

[REDACTED]’s voice brings me to attention, even through the mico-bead, it always did. Especially in those days. I responded quickly, heading into the chambers that [REDACTED] had made her own on this world during her business there. It had been a long few years and it seemed like they would be leaving soon. It was just a case of cleaning up and tying the loose ends of the investigation up. That was the way of things.

[REDACTED] was dressed impeccably, she always was. But there was something different tonight, something off perhaps. A weight of years upon her maybe. Interrogator Tollman did not know how old [REDACTED] was. The juvenant surgeries certainly saw to that, besides, it was apparently rude to ask a lady such questions and of course, unwise to ask a Lady-Inquisitor such questions. Not that it mattered, she had her beauty regardless of whether she was 24 or 240.

[REDACTED] gestured, pointing to a book upon her desk. Some old, battered leather thing by the looks of it. She did this without looking at the thing, that was something that stuck with Tollman. He would think about it from time to time, but didn’t really understand it until he was a man and indeed an Inquisitor in his own right.

“That book on my desk.”

Tollman spoke a moment later, his voice quiet, attentive.

“Yes Mistress.”

The capitalisation in the second word was clear in the silence that reigned between them before [REDACTED] spoke once more.

“Take it away.”

Another pause, again, the significance of these words lost until much later in the life of Ambrose Cordell Tollman.

“What should I do with it, Mistress?”

[REDACTED] regarded him then, in the manner she usually reserved for when she caught him looking at her or others. When he was acting like a teen as she said.

“Burn it.”

Another gesture dismissed Interrogator Tollman and that was it.

Interrogator Tollman had never actually burned a book before.

But he burned this one.
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