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Shiver Our Souls - Recommended Bribes

Postby theresponsibleone » Wed Sep 16, 2015 10:37 am


I was going to ask the ST account this, but I thought it fairer to ask on the forums so everyone can see the response.

It is my generalised assumption and expectation that if we are going to a pirate parlay that bribes, politics and trading with some ne'erdowells will totally be an option, on the side of the main "dealing with the Raven Queen" thing.

We have a number of in game currencies: WU, IP and Trade Goods.

It would be my immediate guess that IP is of minimal use out there, but cash and trade goods are welcomed - and some trade goods more than others (probably narcotics, luxury goods and ship weapons in particular are loved). But I don't want to assume!

Ahead of the downtime period, could we get a broad steer of what things would be generally known to be useful and wanted so we can look to acquire them if appropriate?

And a final thought - is the event trading metric simply the "Beyond the Line" one, or does the Secret Pirate Base have its own trade values?
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