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Catering and clothing

Postby Yoda » Mon Sep 26, 2016 1:51 pm

Daring denizens of the deep,

It's only a few weeks until Humans Are Such Easy Prey, so we wanted to cover some OOC stuff while people are starting to get their gear together.

Firstly, the event is fully catered! Mhorish are catering the event for us again, and you can now purchase player catering tickets at Player and crew catering tickets will be available until the 9th of October at the very latest but please book before then if possible so we can get numbers to Mhorish.

Secondly and related, we're collating dietary and safety info for the event. This covers the usual remit of allergens, specific diets, medical conditions and so on. You can fill in the form here:

Thirdly, it's going to be cold and wet - it's Scotland in October. It's also going to be gunge-tastic. The site has drying rooms and showers, but make sure you bring spare kit to change into - we want people to be healthy, not shivering in a corner because they don't have dry clothes. Other useful items include waterproof socks, thermal underlayers, and a good pair of boots.

Think that about covers it for today.

Be seeing you,

The HASEP Team
- Yoda.
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