November 20th - IC Social Event - Edinburgh

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November 20th - IC Social Event - Edinburgh

Postby Hazel » Mon Oct 24, 2016 7:10 pm

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November Social event - link to event page here:

IC invite:

"Ladies and Gentlemen of Arkangel and the Ruhrort Sector, Iron Star Consortium members, and their esteemed associates;

It is my pleasure to invite you to celebrate the formal welcoming of Lord Ghost Tryskellan into the Tryskellan Dynasty, in an intimate gathering to be held in the Gold Salon on the newly refitted Yggdrisil's Fury, the famed Crusade-era Star Galleon; currently housed in the Section 3 void docks, Arkangel.

Lord-Captain Freya Tryskellan
Councillor of Arkangel"

OOC info:

The event will be in the function room at Voodoo Rooms, 19A West Register Street, Edinburgh. The venue is available from 7pm-11pm, with time in at 7.30pm.

There will be a bar within the function room but if you want to take advantage of the venue's amazing cocktail menu you'll need to go up to the main public bar.

You may wear weapon phys-reps in the function room but please take them off before going into the rest of the venue.

This event is for soft RP only - there will be no ref cover so please do not kick off combat, and please don't use other mechanical abilities such as psychic powers for anything other than fluff purposes.

If your character hasn't met Tryskellan yet, you are still invited! If you're part of an existing group, or if you've got a new character who is part of the great and good of Arkangel then consider yourself invited too. Feel free to drop me a PM if you want to chat about more specific character ties, and we can come up with a reason for your character to be there. If you want to come but don't have a character or don't want to play them for any reason, also drop me or Fraser a line (with at least a few days notice, if possible), and we can set you up with an NPC role.
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