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Postby Jodikat » Thu Jan 26, 2017 6:07 pm

Thanks for responses guys.

I am confused about explosive device building/ det packs.


Shaped Charge: Reduce the area of effect by one step to add +1 Damage Through 0pt

Does this add 1 damage, and give the device THROUGH? Or, does this add 1 damage, and that damage is through? (Also I'm assuming reduced by one step means from Global to Mass or from Mass to normal, not by one step as in like, the size of a footstep.)

So say I have a Stabilised Nitro that does MASS SINGLE. I'm booby-trapping a doorway so I don't need mass range, so I slap on Shaped Charge. Is the damage now DOUBLE THROUGH, or is it SINGLE, SINGLE THROUGH?


How does the cost for building an explosive device work? Do I get charged when I build the thing, cause it cost me however many WU worth of components I had? Or do I have to go into a game having bought nWU's worth of stuff, which becomes my bomb building budget for the game? Roughly what amount of random wires etc am I expected to carry around as a phys rep if I want the ability to spontaneously decide to make a bomb? Enough that it sort of roughly equals the size of the bomb?


If I have a 3WU Plasma Det Pack with me, if I spend the requisite time to add the modifications, can it become a 3WU Plasma Explosive Device?

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