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Re: Downtime System - Check My Math

Postby horzabora » Thu Sep 18, 2014 6:23 pm

Difficulty fine, cost bad.
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Re: Downtime System - Check My Math

Postby PartridgeKing » Thu Nov 06, 2014 9:56 am

As this seems to have ended up being the major Esramir planning thread this is going here as well as on the front page:

There have been a couple of emails clarifying the process by which the Military Victory gained at Esramir will be cashed in for 'profit' in the form of military units and/or titles. Hopefully all the relevant group leaders and the majority of people involved received these, if not the below should contain the important points.

Individuals and groups can 'pool' their commitment of bidding points after the fact, and equally no one is tied into the original allegiances they made when it comes to how they contributed. That means if you when the endeavour occurred you did so under the banner of a Rogue Trader but now wish to shift your contribution to an organisational banner such as the Inquisition, or to a separate Rogue Trader, you can do so.

Due to the options to change allegiance everyone has until 1900 on Friday 7/11/14 to confirm their affiliation with regards to Esramir so that I can rapidly draw up a corrected order if anything changes, and then over the weekend I'll send out to each faction in order to get their choice, updating the groups as we go.

Regarding Picking:
The group who put in the most get first pick, the second get the second, third third etc. as for the 'Military Victory' keyword; you're effectively cashing it in for the 800 effective IP that can then by used to 'purchase' the units or equivalent titles. So yes you can buy titles instead of the units - and their MP. Yes the Esramir 2nd is 30 (60) assuming that's the value that makes the 800 value with the (60) or (40).

Each final group's maximum amount they can claim is capped at a percentage value of the 800 points available. This percentage is directly calculated from the contribution of the people in it. So for example if your group gave 40% of the final total outcome, then that group can claim an item worth up to 40% of the 800 IP. This obviously influences what units / benefits each group can feasibly claim. Additionally if a group only spends some of their available points the first time around then they would get another bid on the list with their remaining points once everyone else has had one. This would continue until everyone's used up their points / the full 800 is spent.

Due to the scale and length of the war the planet has been significantly damaged - ravaged might be a better word - and as such it would be impossible to impose a position of authority with the scale of Planetary Governor, the highest ranking position of that type that's available is Colony Governor-Regent. Likewise on a military or religious front, positions of absolute command authority are unavailable with the highest cost titles being those of 200 or lower.

Each group will be informed privately of how many points they have to bid with once any shifting allegiances are calculated. When it comes to your turn to bid you'll be told what is still available.

Any units not claimed by the end of the process will be snapped up by the Imperial Guard, Planetary Defence Forces etc and will no longer be available for purchase without potentially significant downtime action.
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