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Clarified Silenced Rules

Postby mindwanders » Fri Nov 14, 2014 12:27 am

When the call of ‘SILENCED’ is made an attack does not break stealth and the attacker cannot be located. Anyone hearing the call is aware they are under fire and may take appropriate precautions* (such as getting into cover). The SILENCED call does break UNSEEN when called, but a user in cover may still call stealth if appropriate.

Where the stealth of a firer is in question (for the initial shot from an assassin, for example) it is appropriate to include the stealth level of the shooter in the call, for example ‘QUAD THROUGH SILENCED – Stealth five’.

SILENCED weapons may make a number of shots from a single position equal to the callers stealth score before their position is revealed, at this point the firer must call ‘stealth broken’ and reposition to activate stealth again or to call SILENCED shots. They may reposition before stealth is broken and maintain stealth throughout if they wish (and if available cover allows).

The user of a silenced weapon may reposition in order to regain stealth, to do so they must move at least 10 yards (long, running
paces) from their firing position and take ten seconds making their position ‘safe’ before opening fire. The counter for shots fired before breaking stealth resets at this point, not when the user starts moving.

*Storyteller note: Appropriate precautions *may* include sweeping the treeline and appropriate available cover, but it is not appropriate to move in the direction of the firer unless this is the only cover within earshot and this will be looked on poorly by the ST team.

Please give snipers a chance.
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