2016 Events

Updates on 2016 events will be posted first to the Facebook page. At the moment, events are scheduled for:

May 13th to 15th - Dark Deeds

Consall Scout Camp, Stoke-on-Trent.

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July 1st to 3rd - By Schisms Rent Asunder

By Schisms Rent Asunder is the 11th No Rest for the Wicked event, and is taking place on a feudal world unknown to the Imperium and long disconnected from other worlds. There will be politics, psychic trouble, dueling, and more in a race to save the world from the growing threat of Chaos.

October 14th to 16th - Humans Are Such Easy Prey

Douglaswood Scout Camp, Dundee.

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2015 Events

November 6th to 8th - Shiver Our Souls

"There’s not been a gathering like this in our lifetime…"

For ten thousand years, the Ruhrort Sector has been plagued by pirates. A law unto themselves, they strike across both sides of the Line, against Imperium and Chaos both, caring only for plunder and profit. Led by the avaricious descendents of the renegade Greylark Dynasty, and striking from an hidden system guarded by the legendary Thief Star, they are a slumbering power in the Sector.

Give thanks to the Emperor that they have only ever concerned themselves with disparate pillages and raids, and never found cause to unite as a single force. Until now. For the Queen of Ravens, Arch-Champion of Slaanesh, is abroad in the Ruhrort Sector, her spies and infiltrators working to seduce as many outlaw captains as they can with promises of riches uncounted and power beyond imagination, if they but join her in tearing down the Imperium.

The Ruhrort pirates have never called anyone master but their own greed, but now they find themselves lured to the precipice of utter damnation. The only hope for their salvation lies in summoning the Court – a one-in-a-millennium gathering of all the mightiest Pirate Lords – to debate the matter of allegiance in the coming war. But a debate requires two sides, and those amongst the pirates who value their souls have reached out to the Imperium for aid against this mutual foe.

August 7th to 9th - The Footsteps of Giants

Four years ago Lord Captain Sabine Neu-Shimani led her flotilla of three void ships out from the docks of Arkangel on a grand expedition into the far darkness beyond the Line. Rumours of her intentions had been rife across the station for months beforehand but what she had shared with the Councillors was this: she had come into possession of ancient charts from the time of the Great Crusade itself, charts that she believed would lead to site of the Telemanch Crusade which, legend claims the God-Emperor himself had reclaimed from the Xenos who had fallen upon it during the Age of Strife. A world thought lost for millennia, a treasure house of archeotech and lost wonders as well as a site of pilgrimage for the missionaries that had flocked to her call. Her ships departed Arkangel with fanfare and blessings from the Ecclesiarchy and disappeared into the Void. Little of the expedition's progress has been heard about until now.

Now an astropathic message has been received on Arkangel. A message from the Star Galleon Callisto's Tears, the flagship of the Neu-Shimani Dynasty. The message is from Missionary Barnabould. A call for aid, claiming an attack by unknown forces and an equal share of the wealth for those that come to their aid. A message that says they have found what they sought, the lost world of Telemanch.

March 6th to 8th - When Angels Fall

Harmonic Convergence is an astronomic event that happens in the Dalfon system. Roughly every eight hundred years, the planets align in a fashion that causes extraordinary events within the solar system including a spectacular display of aurora borealis effects on Seraph. Every decade the people of Seraph hold a festival using fireworks and holographic imagery to replicate the effects. The upcoming festival will be a true Harmonic Convergence and is eagerly awaited by noble and commoner alike. Even for those long-sustained by juvenat treatments, this is likely to be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Governor Alexis Alexander has invited her acquaintances within the Iron Star Consortium to join her at her private estate on Jophael (one of Seraph's moons) and witness harmonic convergence first-hand.

2014 Events

November 28th to 30th - Xanadu

Message received: ERROR

Response message loaded: ERROR

Good friend. The nasty piece of work has located a treasure planet. A veritable gold mine....onyx mine! Ha. Glory be our pay day at the end of [LOST]. What a glorious amount of tech and wealth we will have at the end of this adventure. It's called Xanadu, a xenos empire long dead and rotting, with all their treasure just lying their waiting for us to collect!

It's quite a journey through the warp we had to take. Quite far deep past the line. It was known as the Onyx Empire. Apparently this is where these xenos monsters collected all their stuff and hoarded it for their long dead kings. So far we have uncovered tales of a grand trove that will invigorate the Ox for decades and his entire dynasty. Looks like I will be working for [LOST] for a while yet. At least he'll be able to pay me again....those fools in Arkangel won't know what hit them!

Keep this to yourself though....this is going to be BIG!

September 26th to 28th - Fair Met by Midnight

No Rest for the Wicked presents our fifth core event, Fair Met by Midnight. It's an event of intrigue, adventure, and xenos on a remote world in the Ruhrort Sector. Rogue Traders of all stripes have received an invitation delivered by mysterious means, while others have heard only by word of mouth of the upcoming festivities.

All are welcome to attend the festival held by the group of Eldar known to Imperial society as "the Saturnalia". They hold them once a "cycle", though there doesn't seem to be a persistent rhythm to what a "cycle" is. It could be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, or something you have the opportunity to attend several times. Tales of these events go back to stories of legend and mystery - from even before the Great Crusade, and rare is the person who leaves one utterly disappointed - or at least without a good story of their own.

February 9th - Nova Corporation Ascension Day Party (Unsupported Event)

A rumbling buzz skitters over the surface of Krypte as the Ascension Day Party draws near. Down in the bowels of the Hives, citizens tidy what shrines they have, put on their Ascension Day Best and get ready to feast and drink on the one true day off from the office monotony and grinding cogs that comes with being a part of the Nova Corporation. Meanwhile, up in the penthouses, a social event is organised for the Board of Directors. Busy workers create a small bar and booths, a small stage is created for the relevant speeches and awards. Tables are set, and water is purified. It will be a long night for them.

Astropathic missives are sent to Honoured Guests and old friends alike to welcome them to Krypte to Celebrate His Holy Ascension to the Golden Throne on Holy Terra:

++ This message delivered by Nova Corporation Order. ++ Sent: Primary Astropathic Spire-3918874.M41 ++ Recipients: To Whom It May Concern ++ Clearance: Epsilon-Alpha ++ Sender: Director NovaSec, Governor Regent Kaius Dakkster.

++ TFTD: "Chaos claims the unwary or incomplete. A true man may flinch away it's embrace, if he is stalwart, and he girds his soul with the armour of contempt"

++ Subject: Invite to Krypte, Nova Corporation Ascension Day Party

++ Text:

Friends, Honoured Guests, The Board of Directors and the Consortium of the Iron Star.

It is with great honour that I have been provided the responsibility of organizing the Nova Corporation Ascension Day Party for the Board of Directors, and as such it is my duty to ensure that I host one of the greatest social events on my home planet. As such, and given our recent endeavours together, in person or by proxy, I would like to extend a warm invitation to all of the Lord Captains of the Consortium of the Iron Star and their relevant crew members and attached delegates.

The event will be held on Krypte in our main building's highest suite, and much Amasec and wonderful creations of our very talented Bartenders will be available from the bar. So please, do attend if the Warp favours. To excite you all, we have some of our company awards to hand out, a few promotions as well as some of the finest music available in the Sector.

With thanks

Kaius Dakkster

Out of Character-----------

Hey guys! I decided to throw on my Dungeon Masters hat and write up a little event for us all. The idea is to hold a social event where you can come, relax (HAH) and play your character. Just so we can all bond and get to know one and other in the game, as well as provide an opportunity where you can roleplay without the fear of someone plotting your demise with his cleverly crafted cocktails that disguise the taste of the pois-... I need to stop these sentences earlier, right?

Anyway! The 9th of February (Which is a sunday. I checked!) my work have been kind enough to let us rent the Speakeasy bar. It's pretty spectacular, and has it's own bar and stuff. So the location:

The Voodoo Rooms 19a W Register St, Edinburgh EH2 2AA

The Time: 1900 Arrival for a 2000 Time in. The End: 2300, but the bars open till 0100, so residents of Edinburgh are welcome to join me in a night of crazy celebration after.



ST Note ----------

This is the first of our player-run events, and is being run as an Unsupported Event. That means that there is no XP reward for attending, that there is no planned combat and that there aren't any plots actively being thrown against you. This is not to say that there won't be NPCs in attendance with their own agendas.

There are no rewards for the event other than what you bring with you in trade and any that Nova Corporation might see fit to bestow upon the event.

If you're interested in running your own event in the No Rest for the Wicked campaign, check out our policy (http://www.norestforthewicked.org.uk/forums/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=443) and email us at events@norestforthewicked.org.uk


Yoda No Rest for the Wicked

2013 Events

October 25th to 27th - Vox Populi

Our fourth main event - once again at Douglaswood Scout Camp near Dundee.

May 10th to 12th - A Council of Angels

Our third main event - once again at Douglaswood Scout Camp near Dundee.

February 22nd to 24th - In For a Titan

Our second main event - this time at Douglaswood Scout Camp near Dundee.

2012 Events

August 10th to 12th - In For a Throne

Our first main event at The Craigs Scout Camp near Edinburgh.

April 6th to 8th - Conpulsion

Our introductory game at Conpulsion 2012.

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