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What Waits in the Grave – Event 7

23rd August 2019 @ 8:00 pm - 25th August 2019 @ 2:00 pm

‘Look! Upon Kadingir the Deed was done,

And with Onyx strength were the rivers yoked,

To build up a Ziggurat to the Sun;

A wealth-clad monument rivalled by none,

Leagues of Black-Stone glass in radiance cloaked.

But no human hands toiled for Kadingir,

And within it lurks a forgotten fear.

For through the perfumed gardens, sweet and vast,

And beyond the shining halls of treasures,

There wait in the grave the sins of the Past;

Agonies enough to end all pleasures.

Yet, even warned, you still draw near,

Beware the lie of Kadingir.’


It is called Kadingir, ‘the World of Perfumed Flowers’, but such a benign name is a poor descriptor for this deathtrap of a planet.

Kadingir is the treasure planet to end all treasure planets. And Kadingir guards its treasure with a malicious and alien ingenuity.

It is a world that has lured in generation after generation of explorers, archeologists, and treasure hunters, and for centuries Kadingir has been injuring, maiming, and killing those intrepid adventurers in their hundreds and their thousands. For every prize won from Kadingir, a price must be paid in blood and sweat, fear and grief.

Perhaps the promise of such wealth and adventure, such exploration and peril, would alone be enough to lure in the courageous Dynasties of Arkangel, but darker machinations also attract the attention of the Worthies of Arkangel.

Psykers across the Stygian Abyss have begun experiencing terrible dreams and waking nightmares, portents of great doom and dire prophecy. These visions take the form of culturally appropriate symbols of dread, but often contain some of the following, alien symbols: perfumed, white flowers; dancing, faceless figures in black robes; and a star overhead, burning too hot.

Navigators have begun experiencing unusually calm and shallow warp tides, resulting in a greater number of simpler, more pleasant journeys through the Immaterium. This phenomenon can only be described as an ‘Immaterial Drawback’; and is similar to the terrestrial process by which ocean levels drop and pull away from a coastline immediately before it is struck by a Tsunami. This ‘Immaterial Drawback’ is concentrated around the region of space containing the Kadingir System.

Information secured on Ofliem indicates that the Onyx Empire, a technologically advanced and xenophobic alien species, has established a base of operations upon Kadingir. Their recent experimentation with foul technologies shows that they are now equipped with unholy weapons that can steal the very souls of those whom they kill.

More than wealth and danger lurk upon Kadingir for the intrepid Worthies of the Imperium of Humanity, for the very fate of Arkangel and the entirety of the Stygian Abyss could be altered upon the World of Perfumed Flowers…


This Event is a 2/3rds Exploration to 1/3rd Combat game, with themes of tomb-delving, strangers in a strange land, high peril, and daring adventure. It will have a focus on translation of a xenos language and research into a xenos culture, and on challenges and puzzles that build upon these two core elements. Despite containing central story elements strongly related to the Warp, this Event’s Linears and Challenges will not be primarily focused upon the Warp, Psykers, Navigators, etc. It is inspired by the Tomb Raider games, the Indiana Jones movies, and my abiding love of puzzles and riddles.

Thank you to Meg and Andy for the template of this announcement.


23rd August 2019 @ 8:00 pm
25th August 2019 @ 2:00 pm


Douglaswood Scout Camp
Dundee, United Kingdom + Google Map