No Rest for the Wicked
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Event 10: No Wealth But Life

May 13 @ 8:00 pm - May 15 @ 8:00 pm

The pleasure world of Grimaldi is easily the rival of any counterpart in the Imperium: a playground of casinos, opera houses, amusement parks, and stadiums where the entire planetary populace lives to cater to the whims and fancies of the ultra-rich. Watched over by the Gilded Moon – a vast orbital fortress, whose powerful supercomputer monitors all planetary activity – it is one of the most secure locations in all the Stygian Abyss. No hand of cards is dealt without the odds already calculated. No murder is committed without prior sanctioning.

And no one has managed to steal so much as a silver spoon without getting caught.

The Rogue Traders of Arkangel have been invited to rob Grimaldi’s deepest vaults bare.

Their contact goes only by the code-name┬áLe Mond D’Igo, but he claims to have a foolproof scheme to pull off the greatest, most daring (and lucrative) heist in human history. As a show of good faith, and a demonstration of his influence on Grimaldi, he has ‘comped’ their Dynasties an entire suite at the planet’s most prestigious casino, from where they can rob the world of everything it’s worth.

For Grimaldi is ruled over by a single, and singular, man: Starrick Oberhaus. It is said that he finances every major power in the Abyss, from the CHI to the Ravagers, to ensure Grimaldi’s security. It is said that he jealously guards a hidden labyrinth of caches beneath the world’s surface, each one brimming with treasure, valuable information and rare technologies.

It is said that, in his personal vault at the very core of the planet, he holds the secret to immortality. Given that Oberhaus has ruled Grimaldi for several thousand years, many believe this to be more than the idle gossip of the rich.

If the Rogue Traders of Arkangel were able to steal the fortune contained beneath Grimaldi, it would significantly alter the balance of power in the Abyss. Not only would it strike a blow to the resources of their enemies and competitors, but it would allow Arkangel to expand and sustain its operations to an unprecedented scale. Beyond that, the personal opportunity to cheat death indefinitely is surely too great to resist.

And, as the saying goes, opportunity makes the thief.


No Wealth But Life is an epic adventure into the high stakes and low morals of the rich and privileged’s most exclusive playground. Players will have the opportunity to collaborative plan out an elaborate heist, setting their own terms and challenges from a range of possible opportunities, while simultaneously competing with one another to secure the support of various shady allies. The more friends you’ve made by the time the heist is through, the more cash you’ll make off with, but first you’ll have to outplay one of the wealthiest, most paranoid potentates in the Abyss. With ongoing social interactions, tactical objective-driven combat scenarios, and a few fiendish puzzles, every character is going to have their moment to shine, and in between linears why not play a few hands of cards with your comrades for a chance to win fabulous prizes? So come join us in the self-preservation society, 13-15th May 2022.



May 13 @ 8:00 pm
May 15 @ 8:00 pm


Douglaswood Scout Camp
Dundee, United Kingdom + Google Map